The media world is being turned upside down. Channels and platforms are exploding. However, publishers don’t trust their own brands any more. They are investing in technology and e-business. Moreover, the advertising brands are stepping on the toes of former media owners. They are hiring editors and leveraging the power of content marketing and branded content. Some brands have even started their own Web TV productions. Digital platforms such as Google and Facebook are collaborating directly with advertisers. And finally, these days every active Internet user is a media owner. What does this mean for the whole media ecosystem? Who will own, earn from, and pay the media of tomorrow? Who has enough knowledge to advise advertisers on how to find the best media strategy? Our speakers will adjust the borderlines to find the media owners of the future.

•    Tina Beuchler, Chairwoman OWM
•    Donata Hopfen, CEO BILD
•    Lars Lehne, Country Director Agency Dach Google
•    Zoja Paskaljevic, CEO Dentsu Aegis Germany (featured photo)
•    Torsten Ahlers, CEO Otto Media Group


Digital transformation is happening in every corner of the economy. It has created new modern business models in which mobile workplaces are evolving, innovation paths are arising and data driven organizations are winning. In a business where creativity and innovation is paramount, new talents and new leadership can be the difference between success and failure. The pace of change is also being driven by millennials, who will make up 50% of the workforce in 2020 and are rapidly adapting to smart digital applications. To address these interconnected dynamics this panel will share their digital map and discuss how they are applying modern diversity and leadership to their businesses. They will share with us their knowledge and their insights into game-changing management styles and the importance of a diverse perspective to produce high performing teams. Join the well-established Women’s Leadership Table and listen to a panel discussion by genuine thought leaders moderated for the first time by a male host, equally focused on how more diversity can drive better business results.

•   Sarah Mansfield, VP Global Media Europe Americas, Unilever
•   Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA, Facebook
•   Nikki Mendonca, President EMEA, OMD


We communicate via our smart devices and chat with Siri, or Alexa, or Cortana. We go shopping, watch videos, listen to music, and play games. We are always online, thanks to our smart and stylish little devices, everywhere we go. Smartphones are our best friends, and tablets are our new TVs. Marketers proclaim, “‘Mobiles first’ is not an option — it’s a must.” Experts already see mobiles surpassing TV as the leading medium. Still, brands are struggling to find the ultimate solution for mobile advertising. They are looking for the “secret ingredient” that will enable them to address mobile users through smart apps, locally based advertising, branded (video) content or data-driven marketing. What will a clever mobile agenda look like in 2016 and beyond? Let’s get the latest mobile briefing from some of the leading digital players.

•    Mahi de Silva, CEO, Opera Mediaworks
•    Daniel Rosen, Global Director of Advertising, Telefónica
•    Patricia McDonald, Chief Strategy Officer, Isobar (photo)
•    Robert Bridge, Vice President of International Editorial and Marketing, Yahoo


With the fragmentation of media, marketing has been increasingly democratised and innovating is the way brands are built. Today brands are expected to be open, accessible, and authentic. One-dimensional media and one-way communication are out. But what does authentic brand building mean in the digital era? Is it all about research and data? Surely these are important sources, but they don’t sound very creative. Engaging with the today´s customers is another key strategy. These consumers want to decide when, and with what, they wish to engage, brands need to be braver, more relevant and more intelligent in how they connect. So far, marketing and the media have been looking fragmented in this process. It’s a fact that the hyper-connected consumer is challenging brands to evolve toward a more social approach and to shift their media methodologies in order to revolutionize brand building. This panel will discuss what, how, and why marketers need in order to revive their brand building, gain attention, and win the hearts and minds of consumers.

•    Lars Bo Jeppesen, CEO Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe, Dentsu Aegis Network (photo)
•    Javier Sanchez Lamelas, VP Marketing Europe, Coca-Cola
•    Alexander Schill, CCO & Partner, Serviceplan Group
•    Andy Hart, AOL